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Mask vending machine as a new retail channel can effectively

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The demand for masks is very large now, and there is a certain risk for everyone to get together to buy in a certain store. After all, it is a human-to-human transaction. The Internet intelligent vending machine developed by Aiwan can solve this problem very well, turning into a professional mask vending machine.

The mask vending machine is not only safe for shopping, but also has a high multi-space utilization rate. It can hold 30-40 kinds of masks of more than 200 boxes. Each box can be equipped with more than 4,000 masks according to 20 conservative calculations. In addition to many installations, Aiwan’s Technology has more advanced sales features, such as limited sales, a customer can only buy one box, etc., to prevent a few people from hoarding, so that everyone can buy a mask.

As a versatile comprehensive merchandise vending machine, it can sell masks and disinfectants mainly in special periods, and can also sell common snacks and drinks after special periods.