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Vancouver caterer expands into vending, prospers during pand

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Expanding into vending allowed a Vancouver caterer to retain most of his employees after COVID-19 required many of his customer locations to close.

Before COVID-19 changed things, Drew Munro, a catering chef who operated an events catering business in Vancouver, British Columbia, began to notice a shift in the workplace for a lot of his corporate customers.
"People weren't working normal 9 to 5 hours anymore," Munro told Vending Times in a recent phone interview. "People were doing flex time, working later, doing a lot of work from home. It was becoming increasingly difficult to feed large groups of people."
He began to investigate how technology would help feed people working more flexible hours and looked into vending solutions.

After the COVID-19 epidemic, most small businesses closed or will close soon because of social distance, while contactless retail business(Vending Machine) is in explosive increase, specially the pharmacy vending machine/locker.
With the locker and other vending machines installed in communities or stores, all the below commodities can be sold in low cost 24H:
Daily supplies: Rice, flaur, milk powder, flavors, oils, salts, bottle water, etc.
Healthy Products: vitamins, masks, sanitizer, and OTC medicine
Washing Supplies: Shampoo, Shower Gel, Detergent, Javel water, etc.
It will work as a station for all commodities, best solution to fight against the COVID-19.
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