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Agora Brands Group introduces interactive avatars for kiosks

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Agora Brands Group has introduced its interactive avatars for customer service, according to a press release. The avatars can be used for self-order kiosks, vending machines, in-store kiosks, restaurant drive-thrus, financial services and hospitality services.

Avatars offer a more efficient way to address a shortage of qualified staff. Chatbots, voice mail and automated call center solutions don't fill the gap with quality or satisfaction.

The SaaS-delivered, AI-powered avatar looks like a person, moves like a person, speaks with the customer, listens, observes what they are doing and offers to help. The technology is platform agnostic and works in multiple spoken languages.

The avatars can recognize dialects and speech patterns to personalize service delivery for different customers. There is no need for the customer to touch a screen or push a button.

Customers using the avatars benefit from business analytics since the avatars know what products are selling, what customers are saying about products and services, in addition to providing time, season and weather related analytics.

A team of avatars can be deployed quickly and economically to provide customer service across a large geography.

Agora Brands' Avatars-as-a-Service provides customer service, transaction support, order taking, elder care companionship, information support and other business tasks.